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Doctor Who

Klopf Klopf

SciFi-Serie, CAN / GBR 2017

Doctor Who

02.10.2020, 02:20 - 03:05 Uhr

  • Sender: BBC Entertainment
  • Originaltitel: Doctor Who
  • Länge: 45 Min

Peter Capaldi, Pearl Mackie, Matt Lucas, David Suchet, Mariah Gale, Mandeep Dhillon. Why do floorboards creak? When a sinister landlord shows Bill and her friends the perfect houseshare, they have no idea what lies ahead... knock knock, who's there?


  • Peter Capaldi(le Docteur)
  • Pearl Mackie(Bill)
  • Matt Lucas(Nardole)
  • Alice Hewkin(Felicity)
  • Colin Ryan(Harry)
  • Mandeep Dhillon(Shireen)
  • Tate Pitchie-Cooper(Young Landlord)
  • Bart Suavek(Pavel)
  • David Suchet(le propriétaire)
  • Mariah Gale(Eliza)
  • Ben Presley(Paul)


  • cut: Adam Trotman
  • director: Bill Anderson
  • script: Mike Bartlett
  • camera: Damian Bromley
zum TV-Programm