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Last of the Summer Wine

The Mother of All Mistakes - Or is it?

Sitcom, GBR 2009

Last of the Summer Wine

21.11.2019, 12:30 - 13:00 Uhr

  • Sender: BBC Entertainment
  • Originaltitel: Last of the Summer Wine
  • Länge: 30 Min

Determined to find his real mother, Hobbo, does some research at the Library and finds out who his real mother is - and where she lives.


  • Russ Abbot(Hobbo)
  • Burt Kwouk(Entwistle)
  • Brian Murphy(Alvin)
  • Peter Sallis(Clegg)
  • Frank Thornton(Truly)
  • Trevor Bannister(Toby)
  • Jane Freeman(Ivy)
  • Mike Grady(Barry)
  • Josephine Tewson(Miss Davenport)
  • Ken Kitson(PC Cooper)


  • cut: Andrew Wilde
  • director: Alan J.W. Bell
  • script: Roy Clarke
  • camera: Pat O'Shea
  • music: Ronnie Hazlehurst
zum TV-Programm